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Group Benefits

Protecting your most important resource: your people.

CS Insurance Strategies provides education, strategic assessment and brokerage for healthcare, retirement, and much more.

Our Group Benefits Practice

We specialize in providing solutions that maximize your ability to offer complete benefit packages, all while managing costs to the business. The result is streamlined processes and increased awareness and use of your employee benefits.

Group Medical

Group health insurance coverage is a policy purchased by an employer, as a benefit of working for a company.

Group Dental

After group medical, dental is the most popular group benefit. Does your policy have plan maximum carry-over?

Group Vision

Leads voluntary product growth over the last 2 years. Staring into small screens day and night is likely to force many to get glasses or contacts.

Group Life

Is your organization looking at different class structures for your employees?

Short Term Disability

A great feature for many situations, also includes replacement of income after child birth.

Long Term Disability

The social security administration estimates that 1 in 4 twenty-year olds will become disabled or unable to work for some extended period of time.

Human Resources Support

Employee benefits are an ever-evolving market that can be challenging due increases to the cost of healthcare, new legislation and focus on enhancing benefit options. We offer human resources support that allows your staff to focus on other priorities.

New Enrollments & Terminations

Open Enrollment Support

Premium Analysis & Reconciliation

COBRA & FMLA Administration

Looking for more?

We have array of services that can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

By continually assessing, mitigating and monitoring risk, we take a comprehensive perspective on risk management and services are driven by our clients’ specific needs.

Creating a Strategy

By asking the right questions, our experienced team helps you customize products based on the needs and priorities of your organization.

Maximizing Benefits

We help you get more out of your coverage by streamlining processes and educating your staff on the benefits your plans and policies offer.

Backing Up Claims

Our vast experience working for insurance companies gives us added insights to help you navigate obstacles and appeal claim denials.

Tracking Progress

Using the latest technology, we continually monitor the market to make sure your insurance is competitive and legally compliant.

Commitment to Service

CS Insurance Strategies Inc. has over 200 commercial clients, which include municipal, private and non-profit entities. We are extremely active in the communities we serve.


For over 12 years, our creative and experienced team have created innovative cost-effective solutions that insure our clients protection from risk.

Local Support

Chicago based, midwest focused, our brokers and staff have been providing education and support to ensure our clients get the most out of their insurance plans. 

Happy Clients

We represent businesses in a variety of sectors including education, finance, health care, municipal entities, real estate management and more.

How can we help you?

Our brokers and staff are leaders in the industry and have licenses as well as designations that reflect decades of experience — contact us today!

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